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ADAM addresses the followers of wealth and wisdom:

"ADAM. Dullards of darkness, light's lazybones
Poor primitives of our natural bareness,
where's your awareness? will moans and groans
for gold of brawn or brain regain
the way to the entry of Paradise? up!
shut your eyes, will you? or make a play
for your leisure, and a treasure of your idleness? You,
have you nothing better to do
in our world but play hide and seek with oblivion?
Say, say something, say
who are you? I will tell you, tell you what you knew,
I am Adam.

EVE. Are they fighting again?
ADAM. What else?
They have not the pain that in us stops us fighting.
EVE. Have they found anything?
ADAM. Nothing, my Eve.
They cannot find the centre, the core of the fruit
where the root of return is. I dropped it; it is gone."

- Charles Williams, Seed of Adam: A Nativity Play, 1940.


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