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"'I do indeed, Sir,' said Caspian. 'I was wishing that I came of a more honorable lineage.'
'You come of the Lord Adam and the Lady Eve,' said Aslan. 'And that is both honor enough to erect the head of the poorest beggar, and shame enough to bow the shoulders of the greatest emperor on earth. Be content.'"

- Lewis, Prince Caspian, 1951.

December 7, 2007 - 0 Comments

"But the full implications of Arianism were not at first grasped, and Arius attracted widespread support. A master-publicist, Arius rallied grassroots support by composing theological sea-shanties to be sung by the sailors and stevedores on the docks of Alexandria. Theological debate erupted out of the lecture-halls and into the taverns and bars of the eastern Mediterranean."

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"'Thank you for saving my life,' he said.
'I don't save lives,' Zelikman said. 'I just prolong their futility.'"
- Michael Chabon, Gentlemen of the Road, 2007