April 13, 2008: Nordhoff & Hall on Antipathies - 1 Comments

"I had long expected something of the sort to happen, and had only wondered that an open break between Captain Bligh and the carpenter had not come before this time. There was such a deep and natural antagonism between the two men; they were too much alike in character ever to have been anything but enemies."

- Nordhoff & Hall, Men Against the Sea, 1934


Blogger Dorothy said...

I have found when I meet people sometimes I tend to pick out their flaws...when they are a lot like me I realize that what I dislike in them are bad habits I have myself. I guess that may be part of the whole plank in your own eye thing...anyway-long story short even though I've never read the book-it just makes sense. Now I'd better get back to painting (sorry for the rambles it's been a LONG day).

April 15, 2008 at 3:46 PM  

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