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"'Good lord, what do I care? As I told you: I just want to drag on until I'm thirty, and then--smash the cup on the floor!'
'And the sticky little leaves, and the precious graves, and the blue sky, and the woman you love! How will you live, what will you love them with?' Alyosha exclaimed ruefully."

"You see, I for one know that he can't stand me, or anybody else, including you, though you imagine he's 'taken to respecting you.' Still less Alyoshka, he despises Alyoshka. Yet he doesn't steal, that's the thing, he's not a gossip, he keeps his mouth shut, he won't wash our dirty linen in public, he makes great cabbage pies, and furthermore to hell with him, really, is he worth talking about?"
Doestoevsky, Karamazov, 1880.


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